Creating a more just and inclusive society.

EmpowerMT creates a more just and inclusive society by developing youth and adult leaders who work to end mistreatment, correct systemic inequalities and strengthen communities across Montana.
EmpowerMT Trained 3915 students across Montana with our violence prevention and anti-bullying curriculum in 2015.
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If you are ever faced with the question ‘What do I do when I need to bring about significant change in the cultural competency of my organization?’ The answer is ‘call EmpowerMT’”. Sonya Germann, Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation
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I'm always impressed with EmpowerMT's student leaders who show us how minds and hearts can change if we learn to appreciate and understand our differences.” - Denise Juneau, Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction
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I feel that EmpowerMT and Youth Forward are like the Wizard of Oz. Everything before it is in black and white, and then you open the door and everything is happy, and full of color and love." Hellgate 10th grade, Youth Forward member, NCBI trainer
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EmpowerMT supported 737 educators across Montana in 2015 with professional development that helps them build school cultures that support the learning of all students.
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Who we are

Youth and Schools

Each year EmpowerMT provides training to thousands of students and educators across Montana that empower them with skill to create safer, more inclusive school communities.

Businesses and Organizations

EmpowerMT has worked with hundreds businesses and organizations from across Montana since 1998, ranging from grassroots nonprofit organizations, to local businesses, to statewide government agencies.


Each year EmpowerMT reaches thousands of community members through our community based workshops and events, including our annual Diversity Day Celebration, Missoula's MLK Day Community Celebration, and more.

Our Impact

Happenings at Empower Mt

Love to you all

Hello to all of our lovely Empower Montana enthusiasts! Community is the cornerstone of our work here at Empower Montana. Recently, our Missoula community, as well as the greater Montana community, has been faced with grief and heartbreak as we have lost members to suicide. When one member of our community hurts, we all hurt. […]

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Mansfield Center YSEALI Fellows with EmpowerMT

Over the next four weeks EmpowerMT will be hosting two leaders from South East Asia as part of the Mansfield Center’s YSEALI Fellowship Program. Ung Hanty, from Cambodia, and Aung Lwin, from Myanmar, will be spending time at EmpowerMT learning about our programs, visiting with our partners and getting a sense of how non-profit organizations […]

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New Kids on the Block

Over the years, Empower Montana has been gifted one truly special person after another. While we are sad to see some come and go, we love getting to make new friends, learn from each other and grow together. This fall we have started the school year off with a stellar new group of interns and a […]

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