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EmpowerMT serves the state of Montana, with a focus on empowering individuals targeted by prejudice and mistreatment. To accomplish its mission, EmpowerMT has developed a leadership development program and comprehensive course curriculum to reduce prejudice, prevent violence, and resolve conflict. Since we began, over 50,000 participants have received support and leadership development, learned skills to interrupt oppression, prevent violence, and resolve conflict, as well as developed strategies for building equitable systems. EmpowerMT strives to make our workshops as reflective to your school needs as possible. We are able to tailor our content to respond to specific issues, challenges, and opportunities that exist within your school or youth serving organization.


  • Human diversity lets us all thrive!
  • Everyone deserves dignity, safety, and justice. If some are denied these we all suffer as a whole.
  • In order for social change, we must empower those impacted most to lead, and empower allies to stand in support.
  • Creating social justice requires impact on individual and institutional levels as they are connected.
  • Leadership has no age restrictions!
  • All people are capable of change if we value their experiences/identities and share our own.


Empowering Youth Leadership (High School)

This workshop helps students to recognize the misinformation they have learned about various groups, develop pride in identity, understand the personal impact of discrimination, and learn hands-on allyship tools for dealing effectively with prejudicial comments and behaviors.


Building Bridges, Activating Allies (Middle School)

This workshop is a participatory workshop that explores the types of bullying and mistreatment in school, provides an understanding of the root causes of violence, and develops nonviolent prevention, intervention, and allyship techniques.


All My Neighbors (Elementary) 

The All My Neighbors workshop focuses on celebrating students’ similarities and differences, exploring youth’s experiences of isolation and inclusion, and building peacekeeping skills to be an effective ally and make new friends.



Building an Inclusive Learning Environment

This workshop is a participatory workshop for staff, educators, and administrators to build a climate of respect and inclusion –a crucial starting point towards ending discrimination within the school culture. Activities engage participants to strengthen respect and communication and offers ways to respond effectively to prejudicial remarks and/or behaviors from staff and students. This workshop seeks to deepen self-awareness, build shared language and understanding of oppression, develop skills for helpful dialogue around prejudicial remarks and systems of oppression, and identify strategies for creating an inclusive work and learning environment.


Building an Inclusive Learning Environment for LGBTQ+, Two Spirit, & Gender Diverse Youth

This workshop takes the foundation of Building an Inclusive Learning Environment and centers the focus on supporting LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit youth. This workshop includes an overview of terminology, best practices, and proactive skills to foster allyship skills in educators. This workshop is rooted in the principle that every student should have the ability to reach their full academic potential in a safe learning environment.



This workshop opportunity is open to youth leaders across the state of Montana the 4th Monday of each month. The topics for each workshop will be guided by EmpowerMT’s YAC. Our hope is that folx can take advantage of these free workshop opportunities for future work and leadership development.  We hope to provide youth leaders that attend the series with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help create a more equitable environment in their schools and community.

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