School / Educator Trainings

EmpowerMT believes Montana’s greatest resource is our youth.  We believe every young person and educator deserves an educational experiences that is safe, welcoming, and inclusive of all!  We work alongside Montana’s youth and educators to implement age-appropriate violence prevention programs for youth grades k-12 and trains Montana educators in effective prejudice and violence intervention practices. EmpowerMT youth programs are a sought out training resource by schools across Montana; since founding in 1998 thousands of youth and educators have received EmpowerMT training to build safer learning communities.

All Empower Montana youth and educator trainings can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your school.

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Leadership Matters (High School)
Leadership Matters is a workshop that helps students to recognize the misinformation they have learned about various groups, claim pride in group identity, understand the personal impact of discrimination, and learn hands-on tools for dealing effectively with prejudicial comments and behaviors.

Building Bridges (Middle School)
Building Bridges is a peer co-led participatory workshop that explores the types of bullying and mistreatment in your school, understanding the root causes of violence, identifying ways to prevent violence, and practice of nonviolent intervention techniques.

All My Neighbors (Elementary)
All My Neighbors workshop focuses on celebrating students similarities and differences, exploring youth’s experiences of isolation and inclusion, and practicing skills be a stand-up ally and make new friends.



Building an Inclusive Learning Environment
Building an Inclusive Learning Environment is participatory workshop for educators and administrators to build a climate of respect and inclusion – a crucial starting point towards ending prejudice among the student body. Activities engage participants to strengthen respect and communication and offers ways to respond effectively to prejudicial remarks and/or behaviors from staff and students.

Strengthening Cross-Cultural Connections
The Strengthening Cross-Cultural Connection workshop seeks to deepen self-awareness, build shared language and understanding of oppression, develop skills for helpful dialogue around issues of oppression, and identify strategies for creating inclusive work and learning environments.

Making Montana Schools Safer
The Making Montana Schools Safer workshop provides educators with valuable info, practical tools, and proactive skills to interrupt and end anti-LGBTQ harassment and bullying. This workshop is rooted in the Graduation Matters Montana principal that every student should have the ability to reach their full academic potential in a safe learning environment.



Each year, Empower Montana gathers together a group of around 70 high school students and educators from around Montana for a three day, two night summer camp. At our leadership camp you will explore your own personal identities, build friendships across group lines, gain skills to act as an ally to marginalized groups, and gain confidence in diffusing conflict. You will also have a TON of fun because camp is held at Camp Paxson on Seeley Lake! This year camp will be held July 24th, 25th, and 26th. For information and sign ups for camp 2019, visit our web-page.