True Colors 2018

True Colors 2018

***Registration for True Colors 2018 has Reopened!***

Empower Montana and YWCA Missoula are returning in 2018 with the
True Colors Training, a series of workshops created in an effort to address the unique
challenges faced by indigenous people and people of color, as well as white allies taking action
against racism. The True Colors series invites community members to rethink race, history,
and community.

Tracks: Focusing on topics such as trauma, intersectionality and identity development, the
True Colors series utilizes two tracks to create a safe and comfortable space for participants to explore, discuss, and challenge ideas. Participants will come away with skills and strategies that can strengthen the
relationships within their cultural communities and across cultural lines.
True Colors POC: designed for indigenous people and people of color who are interested in developing creativity
through struggle, examine a history of erasure, transform relationships, and acquire lifelong
strategies that combat stressors and ensure personal growth. Led by Jamar Galbreath (EmpowerMT) and Lydia Schildt (YWCA).

True Colors Allies: created for non-indigenous/white people who are interested in self-
exploration, ending guilt, understanding invisible prejudices, and tackling racism in their
communities and relationships. Led by Heidi Wallace (EmpowerMT) and Roe Erin (YWCA).

Here is what past participants have said about the True Colors Series:

The training acknowledged real and unique experiences, struggles, and stories for people of color

[the training allowed participants] “ to see racism as a behavior, not that they are a bad

True Colors 2018 will be held Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm-8:00pm weekly beginning April 3rd and ending on May 1st in the Payne Family Native American Center.

Sign up for True Colors 2018 below!

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