Sylvie Aganoti Tower

Sylvie Aganoti Tower

pronouns: she/her/hers

Hi, My name is Sylvie Aganoti Tower. I have been with EmpowerMT for three years now. Middle school proved a challenge, I was frequently bullied and ridiculed for having dark skin and curly hair. I found refuge in EPIC, Empowering People, Inspiring Change, a group for middle school students raising awareness on diversity and how to be an ally run by EmpowerMT. I was asked to join their Youth Advisory Council (YAC) in 7th grade. It has been an amazing experience. Here, we do workshops and projects to help pull attention to issues that affect marginalized people. As a community, it is our responsibility to help those who struggle, especially those who aren’t a minority. Eventually, working with school administration, I was able to get a plan for a diversity curriculum established for my school. It has been a very beneficial experience working with EmpowerMT, and I want to continue making a change.

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