Virtual Empowering Youth Leadership Series

Virtual Empowering Youth Leadership Series

Let's make some positive chan
Let’s make some positive change in our communities. Empowering Youth Leadership Series. Virtual Edition

We can’t believe that during this time, we would be gathering at Camp Paxson. Busses would be dropping us off and we would be moving on the path toward the main cabin to start a life-changing weekend. For many, this weekend is an opportunity to connect. To build relationships with others, with nature, with ourselves.  We refuse to let this time go by without some sort of connection. Thus, we have installed our virtual Empowering Youth Leadership Series.

We will be hosting biweekly workshop opportunities that are open to youth leaders across the state of Montana. The topics for each workshop will be open to requests.  (check out our social media to learn more or DM/email us with another topic you want to be covered!) Our hope is that folx can take advantage of these free workshop opportunities for future work and leadership development opportunities.  We hope to provide youth leaders that attend the series with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to help create a more equitable environment in their schools and community.

At these virtual workshops, you can expect to:

-Develop a greater sense of your own personal identities,

-Build relationships across group and school lines,

-Raise awareness about what mistreatment, oppression and violence looks like in our schools and communities,

-Increase confidence in diffusing conflict and expand your personal leadership skills,

-And have a ton of fun playing games & making new friends!

These virtual workshops will be available for free to youth!

Check out our Social Media pages for specific dates and topics.

To register, please follow this link:

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