Empowering Youth to Stop Bullying & Create Change in our Community

Empowering Youth to Stop Bullying & Create Change in our Community

Bullying is a real problem in schools across Montana. In the past 12 months 25% of Montana youth have experienced bullying at school. 40% of those who are bullied said that they were bullied because they are, or are perceived as being, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ). Additionally, 40% of youth who are homeless identify as LGBTQ. The consequences for bullied and homeless youth are stark. Bullied youth are much more likely to attempt suicide or use drugs. Homeless youth are three times as likely to have been sexually assaulted.

EmpowerMT addresses these problems by empowering youth leaders to create systemic change in their community. Last year 54 youth attended our High School Advanced Leadership training with 30 of those youth identifying as LGBTQ. EmpowerMT youth leaders who had experienced homelessness where the featured speakers at a statewide summit on youth homelessness. And over the past 2 years EmpowerMT youth leaders have 2500 of their peers in EmpowerMT’s bullying and violence prevention curriculum across the state of Montana.


What can you do to stop bullying and support homeless youth?

Bring an EmpowerMT training to your school, organization or community group! Every year EmpowerMT works with thousands of youth and community leaders to create more just and inclusive communities with our training program. You can learn more about our Youth & School Trainings or Business & Organization Trainings by clicking on their links. And you can click here to request a workshop!

Diversity Day 2017: On April 15th Missoula will be celebrating the 8th anniversary of Missoula’s Civil Rights Ordinance that protects all our community members including LBGTQ people. EmpowerMT’s youth took a leading role in getting this ordinance passed and since then our youth have hosted Diversity Day to celebrate. Join us at the Missoula Senior Center from 6 to 10pm on April 15th to celebrate all the diversity that makes Missoula great.

Youth Sleep Out on Teen Homelessness: The night of Friday April 28th Missoula youth will be sleeping out on the front lawn of Holy Spirit Episcopal Church to raise awareness about the issue of teen homelessness. The event will include a teach-in and discussion about what Missoula is doing to address teen homelessness, as well as what more we can be doing. Let us know if you would like to learn more about this event.

Support the Empowerment of Youth Leaders: Starting April 15th and ending May 5th EmpowerMT will be holding an online fundraising appeal to raise money that will directly support our work to empower youth leaders to create a more just and inclusive community. We need your help now to make a matching gift pledge or to sign up to be an EmpowerMT Team Fundraiser and commit to help us raise money during the online campaign.

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