Rainbow Crosswalk Support

Rainbow Crosswalk Support


Empowering and creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth is a priority of Empower Montana. We are the leading organization providing support for LGBTQ+ youth across the entire state. Nine years ago, this commitment to amplify LGBTQ+ youth voices led Empower Montana’s youth leaders to advocate for the Missoula Non-Discrimination Ordinance protecting community members from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Missoula was the first city in Montana to extend this protection to LGBTQ+ people. To reaffirm Missoula’s commitment to LGBTQ+ rights, Empower Montana is working with Mayor John Engen and the city of Missoula to install a Rainbow Crosswalk across Pine Street between the Missoula Art Museum and Adventure Cycling.

Safe spaces allow us to cultivate youth leaders and empower young people to be their truest selves. It takes action from organizations, businesses, and community members to make LGBTQ+ people feel safe in our community. Supporting the creation of a Missoula Rainbow Crosswalk will help create a safe community space. Rainbow crosswalks have been installed in cities all over the country and even internationally. These colorful installations serve as a symbol of solidarity, visibility, and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ people in these communities. Some crosswalks have been installed in response to heinous and violent acts of hate directed toward the LGBTQ+ community. These crosswalks then served as a message, expressing that hatred and violence directed toward community members who identify as LGBTQ+ will not be tolerated.

To install a Rainbow Crosswalk in Missoula, we have set our target goal at $6,000 (cost covers materials and labor and is estimated to last 5-10 years with little maintenance). Below is a form that will help you make any contribution that is plausible for you. Any money raised above the cost needed to install the crosswalk will go toward crosswalk maintenance and Empower Montana’s work to empower LGBTQ+ youth and develop safe spaces across our state.

Thank you for supporting our goal of creating a more just and inclusive society for all of Montana!

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