Job Announcement: Racial Justice Engagement Specialist

Job Announcement: Racial Justice Engagement Specialist

Guided by the recognition that racial equity is at the core of our missions, EmpowerMT and the YWCA Missoula are excited to announce that we are joining together to hire a joint Racial Justice Engagement Specialist! A forty-hour a week, full-time, benefited position shared between EmpowerMT and the YWCA Missoula

The newest member of our teams’ primary role will focus on ensuring that racial justice is a primary lens that informs both of our organizations’ work.  The Racial Justice Engagement Specialist will support, foster, and grow both organizations’ internal and external racial justice and anti-racism programs and initiatives.

Hours: 40 hours/week

Wage: $15.00/hr plus benefits: 75% health, vision, and dental insurance, optional IRA matching program, paid annual leave, long term illness, and paid holidays. 



  • Serve on and support the Missoula MLK Day Planning Committee 
  • Co-chair the coalition Missoula’s IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity Alliance) for Racial Justice 
  • Co-facilitate trainings with schools, organizations/businesses, and communities as needed and available 
  • Attend EmpowerMT Advancing Leadership Institute
  • Provide programmatic documentation for reports, grants, and printed materials
  • Assist with program evaluation 


  • Facilitate the Racial Justice Task Force and Racial Justice Advisory Council
  • Organize Stand Against Racism community event in April
  • Manage the racial justice-focused orientation/continued learning platform for new YWCA staff
  • Lead staff/volunteer/board member BIPOC monthly, out of office, support group/social
  • Strengthen connection and participation with YWCA USA racial justice efforts
  • Complete YWCA advocate training and GUTS! facilitator trainings
  • Provide programmatic documentation for reports, grants, and printed materials
  • Assist with program evaluation 

EmpowerMT and YWCA Collaborative Responsibilities: 

Community Programming

  • Organize and co-facilitate BIPOC True Colors training 
  • Organize and facilitate BIPOC youth group

Partnerships and Outreach

  • Develop and maintain key partnerships with BIPOC led organizations and groups (MUIHC, Western Native Voices, UM BSU, MT Racial Equity Project, etc.) and other groups committed to racial justice. 
  • Work in partnership to promote the efforts of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Movement.
  • Attend at least one national, regional, or state conference per year.

Education and Research

  • Assist staff in ensuring racial equity is considered for new and existing programs and policies by providing research, data, recommendations and support. 
  • Research and support implementation of organizational best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  • Identify personal and professional development opportunities for the organization’s board, staff, and volunteers to advance racial justice knowledge base. 


  • Associate or Bachelor degree in social sciences, human services, criminal justice, or a related field; or equivalent experience
  • Foundational knowledge of social justice  
  • Foundational knowledge of racial justice
  • Experience with group facilitation, working with youth, and planning events
  • Availability to work some evenings and weekends
  • Willingness to travel in and out of state
  • Ability to work independently with organizational skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with diverse constituents 

It is the mission of both EmpowerMT and the YWCA Missoula to address and correct systemic inequalities. We recognize that people drive our mission, and honor and value the diversity of identities and experiences that they bring which shapes us. EmpowerMT and the YWCA Missoula are equal-opportunity employers and are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

If you are interested in applying please email a cover letter and/or resume to:

Jamar Galbreath, Associate Director of Program Innovation-EmpowerMT:

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