Love to you all

Love to you all

Hello to all of our lovely Empower Montana enthusiasts!

Community is the cornerstone of our work here at Empower Montana. Recently, our Missoula community, as well as the greater Montana community, has been faced with grief and heartbreak as we have lost members to suicide. When one member of our community hurts, we all hurt.

We feel that it is so important to send our love to you all. When we think of resources in times like this, we often think of hotlines, support groups, and other non-profits. We have some fantastic resources in our community, and we also want to remind you of the incredible resources we have in each other as friends, peers, colleagues, mentors, parents, and teachers. Sometimes we forget that we can act as resources to one another by sitting down for a cup of tea, checking in with someone who looks distraught, walking to the counselor’s office together, or having honest open dialogues together.

All of us here at Empower Montana are honored to be a resource to you and are here for whatever you may need. In addition to our love, support, and virtual hugs, we have compiled a list of resources and self-care ideas for you to check out.

Love, love, love,

-Empower Montana Staff

Community Resources:

Self-Care Ideas:

We can also be great resources to ourselves! Most of us know some basics but the possibilities are endless! Here are some ideas for good things you can do to destress and feel loved and cared for by yourself.

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Go for a walk by the river. Fresh air, movement, and the sounds of nature can do wonders! Not to mention, throwing rocks in the water when you’re mad or stressed can be awesome too!

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Write! It doesn’t have to be your typical “Dear Diary” saga. You could write a letter to a friend or yourself, a poem, a list, a short story, or a string of curse words! Here are some prompts to get you writing:

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Find some people to play a game. Remember being little and how much fun we had just getting a group to play capture the flag, basketball, hide and seek, or pick up soccer? Go back to those basic fun times and play a game of your choice with some friends or family! If you’re not into movement activities board games are sweet too!


Take yourself out to a nice meal, or make one at home! The power of delicious food is wonderful. Go out to your favorite place for dinner or dessert. You could also make something at home! Cooking at home can be a great de-stressor because it gives you something to do with your hands and you get the reward of a delicious treat when you’re done!

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TREAT YO’SELF! Treat yo’self is a term coined from the show Parks and Recreation (watching this is another great self-care idea) and means that you should treat yourself to whatever your heart desires! Are you an ice cream lover? Go for the supernova at big dipper! Have you been eyeing that pair of shoes forever? Get them! Do you love random cool gadgets like these star wars light saber chopsticks? Treat yo’self! Treating yourself doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, it can even be free! You could make time for a bubble bath or set aside an hour to watch funny YouTube videos. Treating yourself is the ultimate self-care!


There are so many options for self-care out there and it sometimes feels hard to start one. Sometimes making a list and drawing out of a hat can get you going! Going back to basics like showering, talking to a friend, and getting sleep are really great tools too. Sometimes, all we can do is light a candle, curl up in a blanket and cry. That’s great too, just know that there are people who will snuggle up with you and you are never alone- we even have blankets and tea in our office! Love up on yourself!

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