Loni Neilson-Kattell: Youth Development Coordinator

Loni Neilson-Kattell: Youth Development Coordinator

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Born and raised in Missoula, MT Loni holds Montana values close to her heart and is happy to be a part of the EmpowerMT family. She joined EmpowerMT ten years ago as a youth attending  annual summer camp. Loni recognized the importance of EmpowerMT’s mission and was excited to pursue this work during her graduate studies at Walla Walla University in the Wilma Hepker School of Social Work and Sociology. pursuing her Masters in Social Work. In addition, after earning her BA in Technical Theatre from the University of Montana in 2014, Loni has remained an active member in the theatre community. The theatre is essential to her work because it allows her to facilitate audience participation in the artistic community and other’s capacity for self-expression and healing through the creation of art and communities.

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