Lizzie Mills-Low

Lizzie Mills-Low

pronouns: she/her/hers

Hello, My name is Elizabeth (or Lizzie) Mills-Low and I have been called to YAC because of injustices that I, as well as my peers,  have faced in school, and many other communities. As a Black/African American girl, I have faced and witnessed many struggles living in a predominantly white area. In YAC we will spread messages of hope and positivity to minorities as well as allies and try to shift the stigmas surrounding marginalized people. We hope to form a positive accepting community for people of all backgrounds to feel safe in. This is important now because as injustices occur, ignorance is spread. I am almost numb to hearing ignorant and racist statements because of how often I am hearing them. This should not happen and it is the job of minorities and non-minority allies alike to spread knowledge throughout communities, and empower each other to build a strong community.

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