Jessica Monis-Hernadez, Youth Engagement Specialist

Jessica Monis-Hernadez, Youth Engagement Specialist

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Jess joined the EmpowerMT team in April 2023. Prior to EmpowerMT, she served as the GUTS! Program Coordinator at YWCA Missoula, and has an extensive background working with youth stretching all the way back to her teen years coaching soccer. She is continually inspired by young people, as they are the closest to understanding the challenges of today’s world and bring forward the most creative and clever solutions. She feels privileged to be in spaces learning from them, and supporting them to create positive change. Jess holds an associate’s degree in Psychology, a bachelor’s in Parks, Tourism, and Recreation Management, and is currently pursuing a master’s in Social Work at the University of Montana. She also is a certified yoga instructor and loves sharing the historical and philosophical roots of the practice with others as a healing modality. The intersections of Jess’s lived experiences, cultural identity, and continuing studies is what fuels her life-long passion of creating connection and community. 

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