Spring Appeal

Almost 20 years ago Amie Thurber and Kaycee Schilke brought the National Coalition Building Institute (now EmpowerMT), to Missoula. Wow! Isn’t that amazing? We are 20 years old! 
In these past 20 years – with outstanding leadership, committed, brilliant staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers, coupled with deep community support and YOU – NCBI Missoula has grown and evolved into EmpowerMT.  And we are still growing!  Our rural and reservation outreach efforts have us working more regularly across our entire state.

Where will the next twenty years take us?  How will we get there?

One thing is certain, we didn’t get ‘here’ without YOU, and we can’t get ‘there’ without YOU!   The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Diversity Day, April 13,  begins our spring fundraising campaign.  We never turn anyone down for an inability to pay-which puts added emphasis on our fundraising efforts.  We hope you will consider ways to help us raise funds this spring.  If you cannot donate, or have already donated this year, please consider referring us to a school or organization you think could use some EmpowerMT skill building. Or set up a ‘peer to peer’ fundraising effort (we can help!),…or perhaps help us with our Missoula Gives Campaign scheduled for May 2nd and 3rd.  Regardless of the ways you choose to support and contribute to our success, we send gratitude to each of YOU for your enthusiastic support!

Click here to make your contribution! Your kind and generous donation will help propel us into the next twenty years!

Thank you!

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