EmpowerMT Goes Back to School(s)!

EmpowerMT Goes Back to School(s)!


EPIC Program (Empowering People Inspiring Change):

EPIC is our after school and lunchtime club that runs in the middle schools and at three elementary schools in Missoula. EPIC started under the name Respect Club in 2003 and continues to expand out to more schools today! EPIC clubs are a way for young people to come together and learn about mistreatment and ways to end violence and bullying in their schools and beyond. It also is a great way for students to make friends across group lines and become more confident leaders. This fall we will be in all three district middle schools as well as three elementary schools (Lowell, Hawthorn, and Russel).

Clubs will begin September 19th; check out our weekly schedule above! For more information on EPIC clubs, or to find out about volunteering, email claire@empowermt.org.

Youth Forward:

Youth Forward is a safe and supportive drop-in space for youth 13-18 who identify as LGBTQ+. Youth Forward takes a holistic approach to meeting the needs LGBTQ+ youth through weekly activities such as interactive discussions, peer-to-peer support, leadership development, guest speakers, and community engagement. We explore topics such as Healthy Relationships, LGBTQ+ culture, Youth Empowerment, Healing through Self-Care, Know Your Rights, Exploring the Gender Spectrum, Family and Support, Poetry and Art Projects, Religion and Spirituality, Allyship Skills, Positive Identity Development, and so much more!

Youth Forward meetings every Wednesday from 5:00-7:00pm at Empower Montana located at 1124 Cedar Street.  For more info contact our staff at 406-541-6891 or email kim@empowermt.org.

School Workshops:

In addition to the club programs we offer, EmpowerMT also goes into schools to train students and educators in interrupting mistreatment and forming friendships across group lines.Our workshops offer help in navigating conflict at school and working towards creating a safer and more inclusive school for all students. Check out a list of our training offerings on our new website. If you’re a trainer, start getting pumped up for another year of empowering school workshops!

LOL at stories from memorable first days of school from some

of us from EmpowerMT :

“On the first day of the Eighth Grade, I went to the wrong classroom and it took me 20 minutes to find the correct class. When I eventually made it, I could hear my teacher yelling loudly through the door. So I knocked on the door and there was dead silence. My teacher opened the door and stuck his head out and exclaimed “To enter you must sing a song” in a shrill British accent. So that’s the story of why I had to sing “I’m A Little Tea Pot.” on the first day of school.”

“I used to be so intense about the first day of school. I was the kid who would line everything out- all my clothes, my school supplies, everything. Then I would just lay in bed wide eyed all night because I couldn’t sleep I was too nervous!”

“As I was coming into class I slipped on a piece of paper that was on the ground and made a really weird squealing noise! Everyone had been really quiet and they all just peered over their desks at me curiously while I cracked up.”

“On the first day of school in high school I hid on the floor of the car and made my dad drop me off a block away because I didn’t want to be seen in his VW Van! Then of course when I turned 17 I was the one begging my dad for the car!”

“On the first day of second grade I was walking in the lunchroom to empty my tray and as I got up to the garbage can I slipped and fell! It was a full on frontal slide!”

“I was such a shy kid that sometimes I’d have my dad come stay with me for the morning and he would just come hang out with my class– best dad ever!”

I think it was fifth grade and my mom went to drop me off and she wanted to give me a kiss goodbye and I was like ‘No not here’ and I made her walk around the building with me and give me a kiss and then I went off to class.”

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