Edith Fielding

Edith Fielding

pronouns: she/her/hers

Hello my name is Edie, I was brought to Empower Montana’s Youth Advisory Council because I feel that Missoula’s community should be a place of equality and kindness. The years I have been in school I have seen disclusion and rude comments, most of them making fun of their gender, disabilities,race, or sexuality. Being in YAC I hope to help Missoula and Montanas community come together no matter who you are. Many people in my town have to deal with rude feedback on what they look or identify as and I hope to help that issue in our community. I feel that being in YAC I can make a bigger impact in our community and help others. I believe and want Missoula to make changes on how we treat others, and that is why I am in YAC.

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