Youth Empowerment Champion

Youth Empowerment Champion

Staring April 15th EmpowerMT will be celebrating youth empowerment!

Our goal is to raise $12,000 to support this work and to raise awareness about issues facing youth in our community. We will officially launch the campaign April 15th at our annual Diversity Day Celebration and it will wrap up May 5th at the end of Missoula Gives.

Each week we will have a theme. The first week will be about teen suicide where we will talk about how teen suicide is impacting our community and what EmpowerMT is trying to do about it. The second week will be about teen homelessness. Again we will be talking about teen homelessness and on April 28th a group of EmpowerMT youth along with other youth will be sleeping out at Holy Spirit Episcopal church to educate the public about the issue. And, the third and final week will be about youth empowerment. In this last week we will talking about how youth are creating change in our community.

For each of the weeks of the campaign EmpowerMT will send out memes, videos and other media that you can share on your social networks to raise awareness about these issues facing youth in our community.

We Need You!

For this campaign to work we need you to be a Youth Empowerment Champion! We are trying something new and doing an online crowd source campaign using GiveGab. A key feature is peer-to-peer fundraising. . .that means you. Sign up to help us raise money to support youth empowerment and to educate our community about important issues facing our youth.

You can also support this effort by being a lead donor to the campaign. Donate Today!


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