EmpowerMT’s High School Advanced Leadership Camp

EmpowerMT’s High School Advanced Leadership Camp

This summer EmpowerMT will continue to partner with Missoula County Public Schools and other surrounding school districts to empower a group of students, staff, and community members to be change makers in their schools and communities. EmpowerMT is a leadership development organization focused on ending mistreatment, correcting systemic inequalities and strengthening communities across Montana through empowering everyday citizens.

We believe there should be no financial barriers to empowering youth leadership. Due to a loss in funding with the elimination of the Montana Gradation Matters grant program this year we be asking for a sliding scale registration fee of $0 to $250. Please pay what you are able to afford. OPI & PIR renewal credits are available and food and lodging are included.

EmpowerMT’s 9th Annual High School Advanced Leadership Camp will take place July 28th-30th at Camp Paxson on Seeley Lake. Over the three days you will:

  • Develop a greater sense of your own personal identities,
  • Build relationships across group and school lines,
  • Raise awareness about what mistreatment, oppression, and violence looks like in our schools and communities,
  • And increase confidence in diffusing conflict and expand your personal leadership skills.

The goals of this 3-day leadership camp is to prepare a cohort of students, staff, and community members to return to their communities to co-lead violence prevention and prejudice reduction workshops in K-12 schools across Montana throughout the year. It is our belief that every young person deserves a safe and welcoming learning environment. Our youth programs strive to enhance schools into becoming learning environments where every student is valued for their unique selves, have the skills and confidence to be allies to one another, are valued as leaders by peers and educators, and every student has the opportunity to achieve academic success.

If you are interested in attending camp to expand your leadership skills please fill out registration form below by June 23rd. Due to limited space, we can only accept the first 60 students who return their completed forms. After receiving your returned form(s) we will send you a confirmation postcard that will be followed shortly after with a welcome packet.

For more information or questions please contact us on Facebook (2017 HS Leadership Camp) call us at 406-541-6891 or via email at info@empowermt.org.

Thanks and we look forward to having you with us this year at camp!

**We will need a signed copy of our permission slips. If you are not able to print them and upload them or send them to our office let us know and we’d be happy to mail you hard copies with a return envelope. Thanks!**

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