Be There For Each Other

Be There For Each Other

Dear EmpowerMT Family,

Many of us are reeling today from the outcome of yesterday’s election. A more just and inclusive Montana and United States feels much further away than it did just 24 hours ago. However, we are also leaders with resilience and power and we are needed in our communities now more than ever. With our collective power we can and will make a difference to end racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ableism and all the other “isms” that we work everyday to end.

We also need to recognize that to be those leaders and to continue to do the work of making Montana a more just and inclusive place we need each other. This Thursday evening at 6pm is our regularly scheduled chapter meeting. The theme was to be about self care. Usually these gatherings are just for chapter members and not our wider EmpowerMT family. However, for this gathering we would like to welcome the whole EmpowerMT family. Please join us for an evening of mutual support so that we can continue to empower each other in our collective work.

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