Adeline Michels

Adeline Michels

pronouns: she/her/hers

Hello, my name is Adeline Michels (or to some I am Addy)! I was pulled towards the Youth Advisory Council because I’ve come to notice that tons of voices go unheard, voices that try to be seen, but are too scared they aren’t valued enough to be, voices that feel they can’t have a say. After all, they don’t feel they don’t fit another’s standards, or are voices that feel they could never be heard because they feel they aren’t worthy… voices like mine. I have struggled many years with my voice, I try to be quiet and keep in the background because I feel my voice doesn’t matter as much as others. I try not to raise my voice in fear that what I say will be shot down or ignored. As I go about my life, each day I am met with others who feel the same as I do, who feel like they won’t be heard or seen. I come to find that I am not alone, and neither are they. I believe that EmpowerMT and their Youth Advisory Council is a place where the youth can use their voices to help others find theirs and do something about the challenges we are facing together, especially during these odd times. I believe it is a place where we can speak freely without feeling like we don’t have a say, without feeling like we will be unheard, and without feeling like our voice is gone. Everyone deserves to be heard and everyone’s voice is valid. I think it is so important that the youth especially know that what they have to say matters, that what they stand for is heard, and that they have a right to have their voice heard and to speak out.

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