Our Staff

Heidi Wallace: Executive Director

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Heidi’s life experiences as a sixth generation, non-Indigenous Montanan led her to pursue a life of creating positive change in individuals and communities. Heidi has a Bachelor’s of Social Work and a B.A. in Native American Studies from the University of Montana where she was honored in 2010 with the Distinguished Alumni Award. For the past 18 years, Wallace’s focus has been on advancing youth leadership and creating just institutions by assisting organizations and communities to dismantle oppressive practices. Through her work with EmpowerMT, Wallace has influenced policy change and trained thousands of individuals to build safer and more inclusive schools, organizations and communities.

Brooke Corr: Operations Manager

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Brooke has over 40 years of business creation, development, management, hiring, training, and team building experience.  She has been a one on one coach, facilitator, and skill building educator for over 29 years.   Brooke is a ‘Montana Certified Mediator’, holds a special ‘Family Certified’ designation, and is a proud Board Member of The Montana Mediation Association. Brooke was a facilitator and trainer for the National Coalition Building Institute from 1999 until 2010, and co-directed the NCBI University of Montana Campus Chapter for two years. She earned her BSW, with honors, from the University of Montana, with an emphasis in communication, multicultural counseling, neuropsychology and forgiveness and reconciliation.  She is SUPER excited to be working with EmpowerMT!

Jamar Galbreath: Training and Programs Coordinator

Pronouns: he/him/his

In 2011 just after receiving his M.Ed from the Penn State, Jamar packed his life into the back of his small two- door Honda Civic and drove across the country to accept a position at the University of Montana as the University Center’s Diversity Programs Coordinator. Five years later, he joined EmpowerMT as the Youth Development Coordinator. He is an avid reader, a sports enthusiast and self-proclaimed “giant nerd” and finds great value in the many, intersecting identities that make up the individual. He believes that by embracing the many aspects that make us who we are, we are better able to relate to others.  

Claire Michelson: Youth Programs Director

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Claire was raised by parents who taught her the importance of giving kindness and respect to all people, regardless of any single identity or characteristic. It was growing up through the Missoula schools where she saw the need for more inclusive and empowering environments. Claire was saddened by how many of her peers (including herself) faced oppression and mistreatment, and experienced mental health issues as a result of this. She became an EmpowerMT enthusiast when she joined Respect Club (now EPIC!) back in the sixth grade and found a place that valued her wise, loving attitude and helped her gain confidence and a voice in her community. Claire received her Bachelor’s Degrees at University of Montana in Psychology as well as Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Claire directs all of Empower Montana’s youth work and continues to help other young people (and people of all ages) find their ally skills, passions, and voices.

Spencer Czech: Youth Programs Specialist, BSW Practicum Student, AmeriCorps Member

Pronouns:  he/him/his

After growing up in Cut Bank, Montana, a small town on the edge of the Blackfeet reservation, Spencer moved to Missoula in search of a more inclusive and accepting community. The injustices that transpired in his hometown inspired Spencer to pursue a degree in Social Work with hopes of creating a more just society and advocating for those whose voices need to be amplified. Spencer is currently a Senior at the University of Montana and a Youth Programs Specialist at EmpowerMT. Spencer facilitates EmpowerMT’s queer youth programs and is passionate about creating spaces where LGBTQ+ folks feel safe and empowered to be their authentic selves.  In his down time, Spencer enjoys listening to music, surrounding himself with his family and friends, and spending time with his cat Frito.

Kelsie Severson: Grant Writer and Development Assistant

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Born and raised in Missoula Montana, Kelsie Severson has always been passionate about serving the Missoula community and Social Justice Work. The daughter of a Union Leader and a long time feminist Kelsie has been doing activist work in Montana her entire life. Kelsie started as a Development and Communications Intern with EmpowerMT in 2014 and has been volunteering in a number of capacities since that time. In the Spring of 2017, Kelsie stepped into the role as Grant Writer at EmpowerMT. Kelsie graduated from the University of Montana in 2015 with a BA in Communication Studies and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. After 2 years serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA member coordinating a tutoring program at Big Sky High School, Kelsie is returning to the University of Montana to work on her MA in Communication Studies.

Mija: Administrative Assistant

Prounouns:  they/their/two spirit

Mija is a proud two-spirit & Montanan. They volunteered as a trainer with EmpowerMT for 7 years before joining the office crew in June 2018. Mija has worked with youth for 10+ years, devoting time to  Montana Youth Queer Action Coalition & Camp Ten Trees.  Two-spirit is a sex educator & values people’s rights to their own bodies. They are a passionate person & enjoy creating inclusive space. Mija believes in equity & seeks balance, their core values are integrity, joy & stewardship.

Our Practicums

Loni Neilson-Kattell – MSW Practicum Student, AmeriCorps Leader

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Born and raised in Missoula, MT Loni holds Montana values close to her heart and is happy to be a part of the EmpowerMT family. She joined EmpowerMT ten years ago as a youth attending  annual summer camp. Loni recognized the importance of EmpowerMT’s mission and was excited to pursue this work during her graduate studies at Walla Walla University in the Wilma Hepker School of Social Work and Sociology. pursuing her Masters in Social Work. In addition, after earning her BA in Technical Theatre from the University of Montana in 2014, Loni has remained an active member in the theatre community. The theatre is essential to her work because it allows her to facilitate audience participation in the artistic community and other’s capacity for self-expression and healing through the creation of art and communities.

Sierra Pannell – BSW Practicum Student, Racial Justice Intern, AmeriCorps Member

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Sierra is a senior at the University of Montana studying Social Work with a minor in African-American Studies. While combatting racism and injustice is now a passion of hers, it has not been an easy road.  Moving to Missoula from Denver, Colorado at the age of 9 was an extreme culture shock for her.  As a woman of color moving from a diverse community to a white dominated community, Sierra experienced events of discrimination and microagressions that she hadn’t before.  It wasn’t until going to college that Sierra started to learn more about African-American history, the effects of racism in today’s world, and what she can do about it.  Doing her practicum at EmpowerMT, Sierra is excited to learn how to build more inclusive spaces for marginalized people and groups and take that knowledge with her in future endeavors in working towards justice for all.

Nicole Martin – MSW Practicum Student, AmeriCorps Member

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Nicole Martin is currently a Masters of Social Work Major at the University of Montana. Adopted and a military brat who has lived in 13 states including Montana. Her passion for helping others started at a very young age when she found out she was first adopted. Volunteering has been something she has always been a part of since elementary school. She has her undergraduate degrees in General Studies, Criminal Justice and Sociology from Idaho State University. Her hopes after graduating is to work with the Geriatric Community, Adoptions, and Veterans. In her free time she enjoys playing all sports, personal fitness, and traveling.


Jonathan Dominguez – MSW Practicum Student, AmeriCorps Member

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Jonathan Dominguez is currently in their 2ndyear part-time Master of Social Work program at the University of Montana. Originally from Mexico who has lived in the USA for 10 years. They moved to Montana last year during the summer. They obtain a bachelor’s degree in Dance from Idaho State University because of the love of performing. They are a drag queen named Sveta Shlyukha Svetlana involved with the Imperial Sovereign Court of the State of Montana (ISCSM). They hope to work with the LGBTQ Center in the Youth and Family department located in Los Angeles, California once they graduate from their Master’s in Social Work degree. A few of their hobbies are listening to music, hanging out with friends, dancing, going on walks and hikes, watching scary/horror movies in Netflix/Hulu or in DVD form, etc.